Q:  Can I freeze my Zengarry Cashew Cheese?

Yes!  Our products freeze beautifully for up to 6 months with virtually no change to texture or taste.  Thaw in the fridge for best results.

Q:  How are my cheeses going to be shipped?

A:  We make every effort to ship our product via courier overnight.  However, given location, this is not always possible.  To ensure freshness and prolong shelf-life we ship our products frozen in insulated packaging including an ice-pack.  However, should your package not be frozen on arrival, there is no danger of spoilage.  Our cashew cheeses are fermented at room temperature up to a week depending on the flavour.  Upon arrival refrigerate or freeze your cheeses to maintain freshness.  

Please note that you will have to be available to receive your order.  An email will be sent to you with a tracking number to allow you to track your package and estimate it's time of arrival.  Signatures are required upon arrival.  Should you wish the courier to leave your parcel, leave a SIGNED note for them on the door with specific instructions.  Fauxmagerie Zengarry will not be held responsible for failed delivery attempts.

Q:  Are Zengarry Cashew Cheeses gluten-free?

A:  Zengarry Fauxmages are not certified gluten-free.  There are two Réserve Spéciale flavours that do contain gluten:  Pub Cheddar and Fauxmage Bleu.

Our other 7 flavours are gluten-free.  We take every precaution to prevent gluten cross contamination to these flavours.  As such, we do feel that there is very little chance of gluten-contamination.

Q:  My cheeses were warm on arrival and appear to be 'melted'.

A:  We take every precaution to keep your cheeses chilled during transport.  Particularly in the hot summer months this may not be the case. Although the cheese is safe to eat after being at room temperature, the coconut oil may at times separate out slightly.  This does not alter the quality, taste or texture of the product.

Q:  What is Quinoa Rejuvelac?

A:  Quinoa Rejuvelac is a probiotic grown with sprouted organic red quinoa that is used to lacto-ferment Zengarry Cashew Cheeses.  The fermentation process gives our cashew cheeses a fuller, more complex taste and contributes additional health benefits to the products.

Q:  Do Zengarry Cashew Cheeses contain soy?

A:  The Garlic and Fine Herbs, Brie Style and Sun-dried Tomato and Basil flavours as well as the Rosemary Blueberry Chèvre style do NOT contain any soy.  

The Gruyère, Gruyère with Cumin and Smokey Jalapeño flavours as well as the Pub Cheddar contain some miso which is a fermented soy.  The miso used in Zengarry Cashew Cheese production is certified GMO-free.  The Fauxmage Bleu contains fermented tofu.